Ebert / Kränzle / Malzahn

Stadtarbeit – City Work



Talk “Althangrund a Hip Quarter?"

Mechthild Ebert / Elina Kränzle / Jonas Malzahn

29.9.2019, 5.30pm

Meeting place: the couch.
By means of a piece of street furniture, TO COUCH IN PUB­LIC returns current questions regarding urban coexistence to where they began: the streets and squares, among the people. Hardly any other piece of furniture is given a personality to the same extent as the couch – however, Freud’s original can’t be found in Vienna. Inspired by the original, the couch focuses on the special communicative characteristic of the divan (Persian for “collection” or “council”). On view at various locations in Vienna’s Alsergr­und district, the couch invites viewers to take a seat, ponder, and get involved in a conversa­tion. The seat shows how public space can encourage lingering and encounters. City dwellers can reflect with local actors in the series of conversations “Dialogue Lying Down” on expe­riences with and perceptions of urban space – daily from 3pm to 6pm together with the project team. More information can be found at www.tocouch­ inpublic.wordpress.com.

With Robert Rüf, Industrial Designer, Bettina Götz und Richard Manahl, ARTEC Architects.

The project is supported by Jungheinrich, Emko rent, Farben Wolfram, Rainhard Hermann - workstations, WUK - Werkstatt für Holz und Design and Lemonaid.

27.-29.09.2019 VDW Zentrale

Public Talk 29.09. - Althangrund a Hip Quarter?

30.09.-02.10.2019 Spitalgasse 23

Public Talk 01.10. - Human Greatness?

03.-06.10.2019 Augasse 2-6

Public Talk 04.10. - No Design Just Function? 

Finissage + Drinks 06.10.2019 3pm

To Couch in Public - always open

Dialogue with the team - daily from 3pm to 6pm