Maximilian Prag,
Maximilian Prag,

Virtual Festival Headquarter





Eva Fischer, Angie-Shahira Pohl, and Martina Menegon from the AREA FOR VIRTUAL ART were commissioned by VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2020 to curate an exhibition in the Virtual Festival Headquarters, in which they presented the work of international digital artists.

With their online platform AREA FOR VIRTUAL ART, sound:frame and Pausanio, the Cologne-based agency for digital cultural communication, develop new strategies for the presentation, contextualization, and promotion of the latest digital forms of art and communication, such as extended reality (XR), interactive working, and artificial intelligence-based (art)works, all within the framework of an online format. In this way, the AREA FOR VIRTUAL ART pursues the vision of creating a virtual setting for digital art and mixed reality, whose social dimension also invites people from around the world to come together.