AA Nanotourism visiting school



TALK: A Future of Tourism

AA nanotourism Visiting School

2.10.2020, 7.30pm

How does one research a neighborhood? And how can one exhibit the results of such urban research? The AA nanotourism Visiting School visited Meidling in the run-up to the festival and explored the district from the perspective of the everyday tourist. Experts from the fields of architecture, education, and urban research worked together with local communities and made several discoveries in and around Meidling. For example, we learned in the exhibition about the importance of the unregistered trees that have grown at some point through cracks in the asphalt yet could be cut down at any time by the City Council. The AA nanotourism Visiting School seeks and collects such “cracks in the system”. Another outcome of the project was the assembly instructions for the “1m2 market” – inspired by the fact that everyone, in principle, can rent a cheap pitch on one of Vienna’s markets. A mini pop-up market stand can be swiftly built from discarded vegetable crates. In addition to this, the research group stumbled upon Meidling’s sulfurous spring water, which, although it was believed to have dried up, reemerged on a building site and was symbolically presented in the exhibition. Not, on balance, commercial tourism, but a prime example of the creation of new synergies and the highlighting of old local peculiarities – even under the difficult conditions of COVID-19!