VIENNA DESIGN WEEK/Kollektiv Fischka/Stefanie Freynschlag



Tik Tok Tour


A brand new format at VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2020 was the Tik Tok Tour. Hanna Facchinelli from the team and Valentin Eisendle, who was responsible for the online stream that broadcast this year’s DESIGN WEEK right around the world, offered an invitation to visit the festival on a smartphone. Valentin is an expert for the mobile app, a video portal that uses short, mostly humorous clips as a means of social networking. Together with six further influencers from Vienna’s Tik Tok scene, he produced and posted digital content live from the Festival Headquarters. The format was rounded off by a completely analog, socially-distanced round of drinks in the courtyard of the Amtshaus Theresienbadgasse.

In the presence of:  

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The resulting videos can be seen here: