SKB, Foto Edgar Knaack
SKB, Foto Edgar Knaack
SKB, Foto Edgar Knaack
Bundesmobilienverwaltung / Fritz Simak
Bundesmobilienverwaltung / Edgar Knaack
Bundesmobilienverwaltung / Edgar Knaack / Rosmarie Ladner

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Möbelmuseum Wien


This year, the Imperial Furniture Collection is devoting itself to basket weaving, one of the earliest human cultural technologies, which became particularly fashionable as part of the Viennese Modern Movement around 1900. The focus of its attention is the historic creations of the Prague-Rudnik basketwork manufactory, for which such figures as Kolo Moser produced designs. The exhibition examines the relevance of this furniture for contemporary Austrian designers: Current positions by COPA, Soda Designers, WerKnussbaumer, and Lisa Stolz, which address the subject of basketwork in furniture design from a series of different perspectives, are exhibited on a design island created by Robert Rüf.

Curated by Eva B. Ottillinger
Exhibition design: Robert Rüf