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Mostlikely Architecture


As part of the Vienna Biennale for Change 2021, Mostlikely is bringing together potential that is already present in the city and developing the case for the common space circular workshop as a piece of affordable, well-equipped, and flexibly accessible urban infrastructure. During the three-day public prototyping format, the studio mobil/ think tank station will stand in front of the Festival Headquarters on Sachsenplatz, where it will be used as an office. In a series of open workshops, the concrete design requirements and the conditions for constructing and operating a circular workshop will be explored, together with stakeholders, experts, designers, and operators. The studio mobil / think tank station was created in cooperation with uttnext (urbanthinktank_next). Mostlikely’s proposal for the circular workshop was one of the winners of the Creatives for Vienna competition organized by the Vienna Business Agency (Focus: Future Communities).

1.10.–3.10., Fri+Sat 9am–midnight, Sun 9am–5pm

Workshop “Design the Anthropocene – User-Oriented Design Concept”: Fri 1.10., 1pm–4pm
In his talk, Harald Wieser (KMU Forschung Austria) presents the study of the circular economy and startups that he developed together with the Impact Hub Vienna. In the subsequent public discussion, potential users will discuss their needs and ideas for shaping a jointly used workshop with experts and decision-makers from the creative industries

Workshop “Invisible Forces – New Material Catalogs and Process Designs”: Sat 2.10., 11am–1pm
Participants will work with experts and decision-makers from the fields of urban design, research, construction, and waste management on the development of a new material catalog for sustainable and resource-friendly building. The number of participants and thematic weighting are governed by the principle of openness. No preparation is necessary. 

Workshop “Dance the Circularity – World Café”: Sun 3.10., 2pm–5pm
A World Café devoted to questions of alternative operational models for a collectively used spatial resource from the technological, social, and ecological perspective.

2.10.2021, 18–21 Uhr