VIENNA DESIGN WEEK/Kollektiv Fischka/Philipp Podesser



Above the Mushrooms in der GASSE

brand unit


Which places in Vienna inspire young people? As a follow-up project to “Under the Mushrooms”, the brand agency brand unit focuses on young people from right across the city. Where are they happiest when they want to be alone? Where do they meet up socially? And how does the city influence the lives and behavior of young people? Up-and-coming photographers (Cristina Ferri, Laura Spes, Luca Celine Müller, Nikolas Rode, Rea von der Liszt, and Simon Rajchl) accompanied 23 people from 23 districts to their favorite places. 

At the festival headquarters Esterházygasse, a 3D model of a Vienna City Map with NFC chips will be presented, on which the selected locations can be heard as a soundtrack via website. 

As part of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, the resulting magazine and an interactive city map will be presented at GSTÄTTN on 9/24/2022 starting at 7pm.

Digital exhibition on Instagram @abovethemushrooms_