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ANNA ZIMMERMANN with Bakalowits

Bakalowits Licht Design GmbH, Anna Zimmermann


Whenever we think of crystal chandeliers we tend to imagine hanging objects: Glass elements of many different styles that enable lights to sparkle. But making chandeliers is not just about working with glass. Without metalworking expertise, even the most beautiful crystals are left hanging in a state of limbo. This is why companies such as Bakalowits, which has been manufacturing crystal chandeliers in Vienna for almost 180 years, are principally metalworkers – masters in the shaping of materials such as iron and brass.

Hence, in her Passionswege dialogue with Bakalowits, the designer Anna Zimmermann wanted to correct an image: Rather than the crystal that invariably provides the focus, she wanted the usually secondary metal to play the main role. And designing a light would have been far too obvious – after all, the Passionsweg is often about taking the roundabout route! Hence, the designer and company worked together to develop a collection of pieces of furniture and accessories based on the bent metal profiles of the Maria-Theresia chandeliers. In order to present the work in an appropriate way, Zimmermann both produced a series of photographs that record her view of the former supplier to the imperial court and temporarily redesigned their showroom on Gumpendorfer Strasse.