Nick Bonner




designaustria, designforum Wien

16.9.2022, 6pm–7pm

Nicholas Bonner, the founder and owner of Koryo Tours, organizes trips to North Korea as well as being the producer of a number of documentary films about the country with the Stalinist regime. The North Korean graphic art and linocuts collected by his team have also been published in two books and displayed in international art exhibitions, including the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2014. In his English-language talk, Nicholas Bonner offers an introduction to Socialist Realism – the country’s only recognized genre of painting – and casts his eye over North Korea’s evolving graphic scene. The book “Printed in North Korea” by Nicholas Bonner is available in the designforum Wien. Admission to the talk is free but registration is mandatory.

Fri 16.9., 6pm–7pm
Limited number of participants
Please register before 9.9. at

In addition to this, the talk MAY+SPIES: COLORPLAN AND THE WORLD’S FAVOURITE COLOUR PROJECT takes place in the designforum Wien on 20.9.