VIENNA DESIGN WEEK/Kollektiv Fischka/Patrizia Gapp
Fidel Peugeot




Marien Apotheke Wien

17.9.2022, 2pm–4pm

This pharmacy is an art project! The love story between the Marien Apotheke Wien and Walking Chair Design Studio dates back over twenty years. One of their many joint projects that glows particularly brightly is “Sister Blister” the collection of lighting objects made from empty recycled medication blister packs (a special form of push-through packaging), which have been seen in exhibitions around the world. In this workshop during the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, visitors will work together to design “Sister Blister” crowns, which show how easy it is to work with this material. At the same time, this should trigger a discussion about the problem of disposing of blister packs and the relationship between health, design, and sustainability. A workshop as the crowning of recycling!

 Efforts will be rewarded: Those who come to the cocktail at the aperitivo bar BASE CAMP at the Festival Headquarters in the GASSE (Esterházygasse 22) on 17.9. with a self-made crown on their head will receive a free drink!