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CDR X Design Everyday: CDR-Tool Preview

Institute of Design Research Vienna


The rules for Circular Design (CDR) developed by IDRV in 2021 will be made digital with the support of the Ministry of Climate Protection and the Vienna Business Agency. The tool is expected to be presented by the end of the year and will allow users to fill out the Circular Design Rules online, save them anonymously, and publish the scoring transparently for promotional purposes using a QR code or a web link, all without any cost.

The CDRs are primarily intended as an innovation tool for the design process. However, the scoring could also provide a transparent indication of how "sustainable" a product is for grant submissions or design awards. The tool will be implemented in collaboration with Process Studio.

As part of the exhibition format "Design Everyday" at the Vienna Design Week, IDRV will provide insight into the digital tool and present four projects from Design Everyday.