studio högl borowski




studio högl borowski, Wirtschaftskammer Wien, VIENNA DESIGN WEEK

25.9.2023, 4.30pm–6.30pm

Despite its proximity to the center of Vienna, the Czerninviertel in the district of Leopoldstadt has largely escaped gentrification. Situated between Praterstraße and Danube Canal, it gives the impression that it is searching for its own identity. But how can it successfully realize this potential and create a place in which locals and visitors can relax, interact, and play? For the format Ums Eck, the design duo studio högl borowski developed a concept that seeks to make the square at the heart of the district more livable. The intervention that is being presented during the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK was developed to meet the needs of – and in consultation with – local businesses. The concept follows urban planner Jan Gehl’s assessment that one square meter of attractive usable space right on our doorstep increases our sense of well-being in the city more than 100 square meters of park a few blocks away. studio högl borowski at Czerninplatz shows how diverse the small squares can be used for.

The initiative Ums Eck is supported by the Vienna Economic Chamber.