Alix Drakulic


Guided Tour


Rosalie Lorenz, Miriam Raggam-Alji, Mariyam Malik, VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, Unsichtbares Handwerk

22.9.2023, 5pm–8pm

What is the history of handcrafts in the 2nd district? And what role do they play today? The outreach team of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK joins up with the research series HIDDEN CRAFTS, which stretches back several years, to search for answers and take a look behind the workbench! Participants in the tour gain an insight into the day-to-day life of the workshop and the working processes of artisans and artists, with whom they can discuss how they choose their materials, their personal sources of inspiration for new designs, life hacks that help them in their daily work, their own favorite pieces, and much, much more.

A binding reservation must be made in advance at

Please be at the meeting point 15 minutes before the start of the tour.

Language: German, English upon request

Tickets: Adults € 12,
Students € 10, up to 18 years € 7,
Children under 6 and Kulturpass free

Maximum 25 people

From the meeting point to location 1, there is a walking time of about 12 minutes. 
Location 1: The entrance to the studio has an entrance step of 24cm height with a door width of 77cm. Furthermore, there is a threshold of 2.5cm and another step inside with a height of 7cm.
From location 1 to location 2 we have a walking time of about 10 minutes. 
Location 2: The access to the workshop is designed with a staircase consisting of 2 steps, each with a depth of 30 cm and a height below 16 cm. There is also a ramp that leads to the workshop. Unfortunately, the exact slope is not known, it changes in the course of the ramp. We will be happy to send photos of the ramp upon request. 

Since location 2 is a workshop where stone is used, there may be some exposure to particulate matter. If you have pre-existing exposure, it is recommended that you wear an FFP2 mask. 
If you feel ill, we also ask that you do not participate in the tour out of consideration for the other participants and the facilitators*. Thank you very much!