Johanna Pichlbauer





One is hard and fragile, the other is soft and flexible. One is intimately close to our body every day, the other is entrusted with our valuable food. Both are prototypical results of the work of humans who use tools and create culture. They’re defining influences on and expressions of our development. The weaving of fibers into threads and then surfaces, just like the firing of clay to make durable objects, is one of the technological possibilities to transform material directly into material culture. However, the patriarchal consensus is to shape the world by means of stone and metal.
Textiles and ceramics have always been pushed aside as belonging to the household, as superficial and decorative. Contemporary designers are  attempting to dissolve this stigma. Without losing touch with materiality and history, they rediscover the possibilities offered by textiles and ceramics.

Curated by Gabriel Roland.

With works by: Onka Allmayer-Beck, Hanna Burkart, Ganit Goldstein, Minni Havas, Laura Itkonen, Marie Janssen, Irene Posch, Selina Reiterer, Jule Waibel,
Lisa Wolf