VIENNA DESIGN WEEK is Austria's largest curated design festival and has been taking place in Vienna since 2007. Recently it welcomed over 40,000 visitors to around 200 events per year.

During ten days in autumn VIENNA DESIGN WEEK proves that Vienna is a "City Full of Design". Overlooked corners of the city turn into stages for design, both critical and playful approaches, entry-level communication and professional discourse explore new perspectives on the objects around us and design as well as manufacturing processes are revealed often in experimental ways specific to their location.

The multifaceted output that product, furniture and industrial design, architecture, graphic design and social design as well as experimental and increasingly digital positions produce and that is the mark of quality of the Viennese and Austrian design scene is at the heart of VIENNA DESIGN WEEK. The festival aims to internationally connect this local potential which is something that clearly shows in its programme.

In addition to the festival formats such as Passionswege, Stadtarbeit, FOKUS, Debut, Re:Form, and Urban Food & Design, VIENNA DESIGN WEEK focuses on annually changing topics and their implications for design. Another crucial addition are the contributions organised by the numerous Programme Partners. Finally, celebration and informal networking find their due place in the festival.

The VIENNA DESIGN WEEK was founded by Lilli Hollein, Tulga Beyerle and Thomas Geisler. Gabriel Roland has been the festival's director since 2021. He works on the conception and implementation of the festival together with a team that is made up of different fields of knowledge and diverse approaches to design. In addition, the work at the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK relies on a strong network of people involved.

The various formats of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK structure the festival and, as a result of their annual nature, act as a programmatic anchor for the festival audience. Such easily-accessible elements as the Festival Headquarters or the education program have proved invaluable as ways of introducing new visitors to the wide range of events offered by the festival. And the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK offers its specialist audience a program that is as ambitious as it is diverse.