Festival Headquarters

Although VIENNA DESIGN WEEK happens as a completely decentralized event throughout the city, there is one place that is the heart and gate of the festival: the festival headquarters. The team of VIENNA DESIGN WEEK has recognized the relevance of temporary use projects early on and was therefore able to fill abandoned architectural jewels - including the Gschwandtner, Palais Schwarzenberg, Ankerbrothalle, the former Sophienspital and today's Althan Quarter. In this way, the festival not only has exceptional space for numerous exhibitions, lectures, workshops and award ceremonies, but also public attention can be drawn to the potential of architectures at urban planning breakpoints and the complex processes of their utilization.

In addition to a carefully selected selection of program items based on curatorial criteria, the festival headquarters houses an info point every year where visitors can find out about the program and current events, a pop-up café that is always a popular meeting point in the festival, and a talk setting, where a large part of the discursive program takes place. Instead of being a pure exhibition space, the festival headquarters become an atmospheric place of exchange that enables many approaches to VIENNA DESIGN WEEK to be experienced directly.