Game+Graphic Lab

In the wake of the great success of the Virtual & Augmented Reality focus of 2018, VIENNA DESIGN WEEK aims to once more widen the perception of design by giving space to digital positions, thereby appealing to new target groups. Towards this goal, the game design focus wants to represent the local game development scene and its work in manifold ways as well as to create a hub that provides reciprocal interactions as well as contacts with international partners, other fields of design and the business community. This year’s game design focus will be curated by Jogi Neufeld (Subotron) and Erwin Bauer (buero bauer).
For this purpose, the time-tried lab format of VIENNA DESIGN WEEK will be reactivated and transformed into a trial venue and experimentation room for game and graphic designers. In this way, visitors are provided with glimpses into, and a hands-on understanding of, design and creation
processes, as game developers and graphic designers find ways of direct, live co-operation at the festival headquarters.

The Game + Graphic Lab will be accompanied by an extensive framework programme that provides interactive and discursive insights into a design discipline of near-limitless dynamism.