Design as a connecting, creative-productive element: Passionswege curated by VIENNA DESIGN
WEEK showcases collaborations on equal terms between designers and Viennese crafts and
artisan enterprises. On the basis of an intensive exchange of know-how, an open process facilitates
experiments free of commercial constraints in order to develop unexpected solutions, projects and
products – or simply to ask the right questions. With its open-ended, moderated processes of
rapprochement between enterprises on the one hand and Austrian and international designers on
the other hand, the Passionswege format enjoys worldwide renown as a central element of VIENNA
DESIGN WEEK. In 2019, Passionswege will again connect artisan businesses in the city centre
and the focus district with designers from Austria, the guest country and Europe in general. Fees
and travel expenses will be borne by VIENNA DESIGN WEEK with the support of the Vienna
Economic Chamber.