15 years of the Passionswege! The Passionswege have shaped the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK like no other festival format. As a pilot project and cornerstone they are even a year older than the festival itself. The focus of this curated format, which sees design as a unifying, creatively fertile element, is the cooperation – as equal partners - between designers and Vienna's craft-based businesses. An intense exchange of know-how provides the basis for an open, experimental process free from commercial pressure, with the aim of developing unexpected solutions, projects and products – or, simply, to ask the right questions. In more than 100 cooperative commissions stretching back over the past 15 years, a process combining a sensitive approach to given reality with visionary thinking has led to the creation of countless objects that have transformed the work of all those involved and transported the audience of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK to the world of traditional artisanal production. To mark the anniversary of the Passionswege, the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK is expanding an exhibition conceived for Collectible, the Brussels design fair, into a retrospective that is completely devoted to the delights of the collectively created objects. In addition to this: the first 15 years of the format are represented by a glass/mirror cabinet from the Swiss artist Daniela Schönbächler and J. & L. Lobmeyr, the partner with whom the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK has most often cooperated in the context of the Passionswege.

Design of the Anniversary Exhibition: Eldine Heep and Klemens Schillinger