Program Partners

Diversity is not only desirable, it’s a must. From museums to tiny galleries, from start­ ups to global players, from idea smiths to dyed­in­the­wool Viennese production and trade companies: Formats curated by VIENNA DESIGN WEEK will be complemented in an important way
by the projects of program partners, which will make a significant contribution to the festival’s diverse quality. Firmly embedded in the dense international festival network, the institutions, companies, and offices in Austria and abroad will once again make use of the opportunity to present their contributions conceived and created especially for VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, thereby jointly demonstrating the spectrum of design’s creative economic potential. The thematically varied program includes exhibitions, lectures, and workshops in addition to presentations, installations, experiments, and more. Thanks to their presence at numerous locations throughout the city, the program partners make Vienna a City Full of Design each year.