Let’s talk about it! In lectures and panels, the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK addresses various aspects of design: The hand-forged profiles of the Finnish town of Fiskars and Waidhofen an der Ybbs in Lower Austria, for example. Alvar Aalto has an equally memorable biography. While Tiina Parkkinen elaborates on his work, the writer and cartoonist Tex Rubinowitz draws parallels between Japan and Finland. There are also current events from Austria: On election day, culture spokespeople explain their view of cultural policy. A self­-image from a design perspective is outlined by the collective postprodukt. The local gallery scene, on the other hand, undertakes a critical stocktaking. The we in an urban context is the topic of a Stadtarbeit discussion. And while the techno­logy philosopher Vera Bühlmann paints a picture of tomorrow’s architecture, Ebru Kurbak weaves together technology and textile design to create a speculative narrative. Furthermore, this year’s festival program offers a great deal more (such as the topic Game Design!) for exchanges, discussion, and reflection.