We would like to ask for your understanding that, in the case of rising numbers of COVID-19 infections, individual program items could be cancelled at any time. In such circumstances we will do our best to inform you as early as possible at:

We take our responsibility for the safety and health of our visitors, guests, employees and of all those, who are involved in the festival in any other way, very seriously. As part of our COVID-19 safety concept, our employees are trained to comply with all legal requirements. In order to be able to offer the maximum safety to all participants, including during events, please comply with the latest COVID-19 safety regulations, which can be found at

Please note the latest COVID-19 safety regulations at

Mouth-and-nose protection
Wear a mouth-and-nose protection in order to protect other people.

Maintain a distance
Maintain a distance of 1 or, ideally, 1.5 meters from all who are not members of your household. Avoid group-like gatherings and, if necessary, wait until you are able to enter certain spaces or areas.

Respiratory hygiene
Cough and sneeze into a handkerchief or the crook of your arm.

Hand washing
Wash your hands regularly for at least twenty seconds and use our hand sanitizers.

Waiting times
Due to restrictions on the numbers of visitors it can be necessary to wait for a period. We ask for your understanding.