Urban Food & Design

For the fourth time in a row, the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK and the Vienna Business Agency are cooperating closely by organizing the format Urban Food & Design. In this extension to the Vienna Business Agency’s current focus “Let’s talk food”, they are putting the potential for artistic innovation of the creative and the food industries firmly back on the table.

The heart of the format is an interactive exhibition created by Kathrina Dankl, which builds upon the challenges of the past three years. It combines and playfully presents thematic clusters such as food, consumption patterns, forms of delivery, the circular economy, and social participation. In this supermarket of ideas, complex solutions share the shelves with concrete food for thought and proposals for action that are directly aimed at visitors of the exhibition.

In addition to this, the studio mobil / think tank will be visiting the Focus District Brigittenau on three days of the festival: As part of the Creative Challenge EAT LOVE, which was organized by the Vienna Business Agency in cooperation with the MAK, a jury selected five projects involving ecological and socially sustainable solutions related to the food and food spaces of tomorrow. The roadshow of the winning projects will make a guest appearance right in front of the Festival Headquarters of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK on Sachsenplatz, accompanied by an extensive supporting program.

More informations :EAT LOVE bei der Vienna Biennale von 28.05. bis 03.10.2021 | Wirtschaftsagentur.at: Ein Fonds der Stadt Wien