Design is the conception of objects that are manufactured in industrial series. But this isn’t always the case! In their work, many designers don’t necessarily strive to scale up their ideas but, rather, devote themselves to the expression of an individual object. With the tools of design – but equally those of handcraft and art – they seek out the extraordinary and the poetic, and impressions that lie beyond the normal product cycle. In order to offer a home to this focus on the outstanding object, the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK is launching the group exhibition format FOCUS. Every year, a guest curator will make a selection from the local and international responses to a specific subject and the selected submissions will be presented in a group exhibition in the Festival Headquarters. A key element of this process is the specially commissioned spatial presentation, which brings together these selected exhibition objects and enables them to fully express themselves.

For the first edition of FOCUS, the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK secured the services of Liv Vaisberg, the well-known Rotterdam- and Brussels-based art and design expert, as guest curator. The scenography is the work of the young Vienna duo Easy-Center.