Back on a new path: The Passionswege have returned! Ever since this format was introduced to the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK it has brought international and Austrian designers together with Vienna’s craft-based businesses. This dialogue takes place away from the commercial pressure of normal working relationships and enables the curated pairs of artisans and designers to focus on the passion in their work: They experiment, share knowledge – and jointly arrive at unexpected solutions that are exhibited in the places in which they were created, which are often authentic Viennese shops and workshops. The internationally active initiative co/rizom works at a similar interface: Through the targeted use of design and a package of corresponding tools it helps artisans to reach new markets. While Passionswege remains a free format without any commercial orientation, the collaboration with co/rizom enables the project partners to continue working together within the development and marketing framework of the platform.

Curated by Nadja Zerunian (co-founder of co/rizom) and Gabriel Roland (VIENNA DESIGN WEEK)