Ums Eck

Ever since it was founded, the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK has addressed the specific situation in Vienna’s districts and neighborhoods. The new format Ums Eck enables the festival to examine local challenges even more closely. The objective of the series of events, which is supported by the Vienna Economic Chamber, is to work in dialogue with the businesses located on a certain street corner, junction, or square in Vienna in order to develop solutions that create a more sustainable and efficient city – in precisely the place in which such change can be experienced most tangibly: ums Eck – or right on the next corner.

To this end, the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK will commission, every year, a design studio to address local circumstances and challenges with a view to drawing up a design that generates concrete social, ecological, and commercial added value for this micro-neighborhood. At the same time, Ums Eck illustrates the importance of engaged businesses for their local area and exemplifies all that can be achieved by design input.