Festival Headquarters in the Prater

In the words of the popular song, “I go every day to the Prater! And I go every day …” to the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK. For many, the promise of the festival begins with a visit to its headquarters. So it is not without reason that the annually changing venue is regarded as the geographical centerpiece of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, as the meeting point for all visitors, as a gateway to the world of design. This year, the Festival Headquarters are located for the first time in a former hotel. An infopoint, pop-up café, and space for a colorful kaleidoscope of contributions and program items – these and much more will be found when the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK throws open the doors of the temporarily-used object on the edge of the historic and (not just by Krixi, Kraxi und die Kroxn, who performed the above-mentioned song) much serenaded Wurstelprater. What could be better than to say it in the words of the showmen and showwomen of the Prater and the festival exhibitors? Roll up, roll up! Entrance is free!

The doors to the Festival Headquarters have been generously opened by Caritas in the Archdiocese of Vienna with the help of Kreative Räume Wien.

Festival Headquarters in the Prater
2., Laufbergergasse 12

Opening times
22.9.–1.10., daily 11am–8pm
Cocktail: Sat 23.9., 5pm–10pm
Finissage: Sun 1.10., 5pm–8pm