Focus District Leopoldstadt

The history of Leopoldstadt is long and varied: The area was originally an island, which was embraced by two arms of the Danube and largely inhabited by fisherfolk. In the 19th century, the population rose rapidly and the district to the east of the center of Vienna became a densely populated working-class area. Today, the 2nd district is diverse, dynamic, and multicultural. It is cherished for its colorful mix of historical and modern architecture. The Wiener Prater is a huge public green space that is also a world-famous tourist attraction due to its amusement park, the historical Wurstelprater, and its iconic Giant Ferris Wheel. 150 years ago, it was home to the Vienna World’s Fair (1873). Leopoldstadt was and remains historically significant due to Jewish Vienna: Despite the extensive destruction by the Nazis, the district still contains a large number of synagogues as well as Jewish shops and restaurants. Many other communities have also established themselves here, between the green oases and the industrial zone, the stadium and the exhibition center, the Danube and the Danube Canal, gentrified neighborhoods and areas of new housing – and now the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, which was already a guest in Leopoldstadt more than a decade ago, has also found a home here. This year, the Festival Headquarters are located on the edge of the Wiener Prater. For ten days, the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK will radiate far and wide from this temporarily-used hotel and once again transform Vienna into the City Full of Design!