Stadtarbeit – Vermehrt Schönes!

Vermehrt Schönes!

Design creates added value for local communities! The format Stadtarbeit – supported by Vermehrt Schönes!, the sponsorship program of Erste Bank, – facilitates projects that address the permanent transformation of our urban and social fabric: projects that search for concrete answers and seek to use design resources as social levers. The projects take place in the public realm and should be accessible and comprehensible to as much of the population as possible.

Stadtarbeit celebrates ten years of Vermehrt Schönes!

In the run-up to the festival, the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK with support from the Erste Bank issued an open call, which invited all interested parties to submit projects, ideas, and concepts that highlight undesirable social, institutional, ecological, and economic developments. The three selected interventions employ three completely different approaches (Pub quiz! Destruction room! Urban networks!), which are designed to correct such imbalances and trigger positive change: bold, activist, and radical, wherever it is needed. The format seeks to highlight interventions that become visible in the city due to the participation and active creative input of local society. They invite everyone to get involved and encourage interaction between local players, designers, and all visitors to the festival.

This is the ninth year in which a jury has selected projects and offered the Erste Bank Social Design-Prize. The prize includes a budget that enables the three projects to be realised during the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK.

Jury members: Clemens Foschi (Caritas, Archdiocese of Vienna), Elisabeth Großschädl and Therese Kaiser (editors-in-chief, period. Magazin), Alexandra Fruhstorfer (designer and winner of the Erste Bank Social Design Prize 2022), Gabriel Roland and Victoria Hauser (VIENNA DESIGN WEEK), Ruth Goubran (Erste Bank)