MAK Design Shop/ After Work Meeting Point: Les Tartes
MAK Design Shop/ After Work Meeting Point: Les Tartes, Kollektiv Fischka


The exhibition at the MAK DESIGN SPACE shows the work done in the laboratory so far and evaluates the test operation of the Experimental Design and the eight prototypes. The mix of traditional and innovative elements, such as novel communication furniture and alternative education systems, demonstrates the broad range of the projects developed, which do not explicitly propose any radical rejection of typical Viennese coffeehouses. In all projects, the focus of exploration was the social and communicative potential of the spaces. The preliminary results are as diverse as the team members of this short-term, but close-knit research community.

With works by Patrycja Domanska, Ines Fritz, Mario Gamser, Felix Gieselmann, Lena Goldsteiner, Andrea Hoke, Eva Kees, KIM+HEEP, Tanja Lightfoot, Stefan Rozporka, taliaYsebastian, Magdalena Vogl et al.