Plakatentwurf zur Ausstellung "2000-2010. Design in Wien"
Plakatentwurf zur Ausstellung "2000-2010. Design in Wien", Grafik: Christof Nardin / Copyright: Wien Museum

On show: Design from Vienna

Only few people, and mostly those working in the field themselves, know that within the last few years Vienna has spawned a lively design scene. And it was about time that those protagonists and their work be introduced to a wider public. The exhibition „2000–2010. Design in Vienna“, on show at the Wien Museum, has set out to do exactly this and offers an impressive overview over contemporary Design from Vienna.

The curators Tulga Beyerle and Peter Stuiber in this show not only presented eight design studios they consider important, but also contextualize by introducing local manufacturers – who have been extremely important in the Vienna case –, and by having experts talk about Viennese design and the “typical Viennese” (Deyan Sudjic, director of the London Design Museum and Allison Clarke, head of the department for history and theory of design, University of Applied Arts Vienna, and others, were interviewed for the exhibition).

On show are works by Marco Dessí, dottings, EOOS, For Use / Numen, Dejana Kabiljo, POLKA, Soda Designers and Walking-Chair, but also other individual works of Vienna-based designers from different generations. The spectrum is spun from clear-cut industrial design and limited edition projects to unique objects which have the feel of being pieces of art. While showing the true breadth of approaches taken, the show also gives the audience an idea of what contemporary design means.

The exhibition is on show until 9th of January 2011