Talking about: Wien-Berlin
Talking about: Wien-Berlin, Jens Müller-Ali

Talking about: Vienna-Berlin & Festival Closing Party

Who holds in Vienna, Who in Berlin the "creative threads" in hand? Lucas Verweij moderates the discussion with guests from Berlin (Frederik Frede, Fons Hickmann, Axel Kufus, Jörg Suermann) and Vienna. More here... .
HELMRINDERKNECHT contemporary design gallery
HELMRINDERKNECHT contemporary design gallery, Kollektiv Fischka

Opening receptions at stilwerk and departure/MAK >nite

Today at 17:00 your are invited for a cocktail to celebrate the first Austrian pop-up store by the HELMRINDERKNECHT contemporary design gallery from Berlin. Also, Thomas Schiefer's staircase "Air Stair", is another reason for a get-together at stilwerk Vienna. Afterwards, departure & MAK are … more
Passionswege Cocktails im 6. & 7. Bezirk
Passionswege Cocktails im 6. & 7. Bezirk, Kollektiv Fischka /

Passionswege Cocktails in the 6th & 7th District

"Experimental design as an open process" or "business-as-unusual": International designers are brought together to develop a project with … Viennese industrial producers and businesses. The results are shown at the opening receptions of "Passionswege" in the 6th and 7th district. That can only be … more

Order of the day: On Sunday thou shalt listen (to)... Martí Guixé & Hadi Teherani

Today at 17:00 two high-profile talks are on the agenda: Designer Martí Guixé and architect/designer Hadi Teherani talk about cooperation between designers and producers, and resolve issues such as: How does the exchange take place? What hurdles have to be overcome? FREE ADMISSION … More here ... .
Opening VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2012, Kollektiv Fischka /

A great way to start!

500 visitors celebrated the start of this year's VIENNA DESIGN WEEK at the Gschwandner last night. Among the guests were Eberhard Schrempf, Nives Widauer, Markus Schinwald, Erwin Wurm, Eva Blimlinger, Hermann Czech and Gregor Eichinger.

The festival starts tomorrow!

The programme of this year's VIENNA DESIGN WEEK includes 99 events at 61 locations throughout the city. Advice from the directors, Tulga Beyerle and Lilli Hollein: "Inhale! Design is in the air!" Leran more about festival day 1 here:
E-Scooter, Versus Design

Preview: Future Urban Mobility -

Future Urban Mobility shows the domestic status quo, gathers together expertes from design, the industry and mobility and presents the best pick of pioneering electrovehicles, in part with on-the-spot tests!

The office of tomorrow has brains

Bene, a program partner of this year's VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, organizes an expert talk on "SMART WORKING" on Oct 4 with Giuseppe Boscherini, Gita V. Langston, Tom Lloyd and Jurian van Meel. More here ...
World Design Capital Helsinki 2012
World Design Capital Helsinki 2012, Maarit Mustonen

Public Lecture with Pekka Timonen

On Sep 20, Pekka Timonen, Executive Director of World Design Capital Helsinki 2012, holds a public lecture on "Open Helsinki - Embedded Design in Life." This is followed by a roundtable discussion with Tulga Beyerle and Lilli Hollein, the directors of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK. More here...
WIEN PRODUCTS Collection 2012: Thomas Feichtner for Augarten, Service "Shortcuts"
WIEN PRODUCTS Collection 2012: Thomas Feichtner for Augarten, Service "Shortcuts", Klaus Fritsch

WIEN PRODUCTS show opens on Sep 13 at 21er Haus

Since 2006 the WIEN PRODUCTS Collection, an initiative of the Vienna Economic Chamber, brings together traditional businesses from Vienna with designers. On Sep 14 the one-day exhibition "NEW TRADITIONS. 7 years WIEN PRODUCTS Collection" at 21er Haus shows for the frist time a review of all … more