Frans Snyders (1579–1657) Stillleben mit Früchten, Wild und Gemüse sowie ein lebender Affe, ein Eichhörnchen und eine Katze
Frans Snyders (1579–1657) Stillleben mit Früchten, Wild und Gemüse sowie ein lebender Affe, ein Eichhörnchen und eine Katze, LIECHTENSTEIN. The Princely Collections, Vaduz-Vienna

Liechtenstein Museum: Masterpieces from the collections

After a comprehensive redesign of the permanent exhibition of the Liechtenstein Museum, in addition to the previously presented highlights from the Princely Collections, pictures from earlier epochs of European art will increasingly be on display, above all masterpieces of the Central European … more
Grafik für das 21er Haus von Christof Nardin
Grafik für das 21er Haus von Christof Nardin, David Payr/

21er Haus Opening

History … The 21er Haus was built in 1958 by the Austrian architect Karl Schwanzer (1918-1975) as a pavilion or temporary showroom for the Universal Exhibition in Brussels. The architectural structure of the pavilion seemed to be floating. The building was conceived in the lightweight construction … more
MAK Design Shop/ After Work Meeting Point: Les Tartes
MAK Design Shop/ After Work Meeting Point: Les Tartes, Kollektiv Fischka


The exhibition at the MAK DESIGN SPACE shows the work done in the laboratory so far and evaluates the test operation of the Experimental Design and the eight prototypes. The mix of traditional and innovative elements, such as novel communication furniture and alternative education systems … more
Global Village
Global Village, Kollektiv Fischka


Exotic objects have always held a fascination for Europeans who came in contact with ethnic groups from far-away lands. Over the centuries the treasure chambers of the rulers of the times were filled. However, articles were largely ignored that could not immediately be recognised as being the … more
Ausstellung: Totem and Taboo
Ausstellung: Totem and Taboo, quartier21


TOTEM AND TABOO: complexity and relationships between art and design examines the interrelationships between art and design, and also the strategies employed by artists and designers in the bordering and overlapping areas of their respective disciplines. With Øystein Aasan, Stephane Barbier Bouve … more
Team of VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2011, Kollektiv Fischka/


VDW Flyer Sause
VDW Flyer Sause

The big VIENNA DESIGN WEEK Festival Party!

AUDIO: JOJA (JNE // sound:frame AV) KEN HAYAKAWA & LUMA.LAUNISCH, „INNENWELTKOSMOS“ audio-visual live show (sound:frame AV) QUARION (Drumpoet Community, Retreat, Berlin) GEORGE FITZGERALD (Hotflush, London) VISUAL: WEMAKEVISUALS (sound:frame AV) VALENCE (sound:frame AV) Eintritt: AK 14€ … … more
Loos Service Lobmeyr
Loos Service Lobmeyr, J&L Lobmeyr

80 years of “Loos-Service” by J&L Lobmeyr

The 80th anniversary of the world famous service by Adolf Loos will be celebrated with a publication initiated by traditional chrystal manufacturer J&L Lobmeyr. The New York-based graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister has now been commissioned to deliver his interpretation of Loos's classic. The … more
Buzzizone, King George

Tip of the day: Acoustic Signals at Hans Taus Einrichtungen

With the material ‘Buzzi felt’, a maximal sound insulation is achieved and simultaneously recycling ideas implemented, for it is 100 per cent made of used PET-bottles. The ‘Buzzi felt’ thus unites two topical subjects: ecological awareness in the form of recycling, and combating noise pollution … more
Fiona Raby
Fiona Raby, Dunne & Raby

Talk by Fiona Raby

What happens when you decouple design from the marketplace, when rather than making technology ever more consumable, designers use the language of design to pose questions, entertain, and provoke – to transport our imaginations into parallel but possible worlds? Fiona Raby, one of today's most … more