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VIENNA DESIGN WEEK Talks - Sophie Lovell about Dieter Rams

Originally from London, Sophie Lovell studied biology and design before moving to Berlin in 1994 where she rapidly became an active member of the city’s burgeoning multidisciplinary creative scene. She writes regularly for Wallpaper* magazine and has been their Germany Editor since 2000. She has … more
Pecha Kucha Night Vienna

Pecha Kucha @ Vienna Design Week 8.10.2011

Pecha Kucha Night, devised by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham (Klein Dytham architecture), was conceived in 2003 as a place for young designers and architects to meet, network, and show their work in public. The key to Pecha Kucha Night is its patented system for avoiding ever lasting presentations:
Konstantin Schmölzer und Nora Stalzer
Konstantin Schmölzer und Nora Stalzer, Rüdiger Andorfer

Passionswege 2011: 8 of 9

Konstantin Schmölzer is a young Austrian designer, who studied in Eindhoven and New York. Besides productdesign with the focus on advanced manufacturing techiniques, Schmölzer works in the fields of architecture, grafic-, motion- and webdesign as wall as branding and systemdesign. Verdarium, a … more

Ideenwettbewerb Marke Österreich

Zwanzig profilierte österreichische oder in Österreich lebende visuelle GestalterInnen wurden von „Die Presse“ und Post AG zum Ideenwettbewerb „Marke Österreich“ geladen. Ihren Zugang zum Thema der österreichischen Identität visualisierten sie in Form einer Briefmarke. Das Projekt wurde vom Wiener … more
"La Sardina" camera by Lomography
"La Sardina" camera by Lomography


Do you love design, analogue photography and nightlife? Then you are exactly what we're looking for! Equipped with a brand new Lomography "La Sardina" camera, you will document various events of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK. As reward for your selfless commitment you will get the "La Sardina" as a … more
LucidiPevere mit Wolfgang Karolinsky und Christiane Büssgen
LucidiPevere mit Wolfgang Karolinsky und Christiane Büssgen, Rüdiger Andorfer

Passionswege 2011: 7 from 9

LucidiPevere Design Studio was founded in 2006 by Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere in Udine. In their work LucidiPevere is pursuing a constant change of working methods with the collaboration of producers from very different countries and backgrounds. Their focus lies on the aesthetic implantation of … more

VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2011 Video Teaser


The Big Festival Party

The world of the VJ duo LUMA.LAUNISCH, alias Astrid Steiner and Florian Tanzer, is in no need of words. The combination of real image and abstract leads to new associations. The camera is shooting vibrant moments in megacities, impressions of nature, objects and men combined with graphical … more

Postler Ferguson at the Vienna Design Week 2011

PostlerFerguson was founded in 2007 in London by the American Ian Ferguson and the German Martin Postler. The Duo is describing itself as a multidisciplinary design consultancy which deals with the aspects of culture, techniques and economics through modern design strategies. Their approach is very … more
Uli Budde und Wolfgang Köchert
Uli Budde und Wolfgang Köchert, Rüdiger Andorfer

Passionswege 2011: 6 from 9

Uli Budde lives and works in Berlin. His works are a new understanding of our everyday objects. He transforms them with thought-out, new and functional solutions. Budde's designs are clear and simple, but at the same time poetic and aesthetic. Uli Budde works with ROYAL VKB and Vertigo Bird. He … more