Tape Installation by for use/Numen at DMY Berlin
Tape Installation by for use/Numen at DMY Berlin, For Use/Numen

Design Needs Ambassadors

The VIENNA DESIGN WEEK is also on the go during the remaining 355 days of the year and outside the Vienna city limits as an ambassador for the design world. The VIENNA DESIGN WEEK Embassy is a format that is put into action at partner festivals, such as the DMY International Design Festival in … more
Gijs Bakker
Gijs Bakker, Gijs Bakker

Why Design?

Sometimes the easiest questions are the hardest to answer. „Why Design?“ is the question asked by departure and the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK. Addressed are four very special speakers from the design world invited to this year’s talk series at the Vienna k/hauskino. The question may be answered very … more
kollektiv fischka/, Birgit Grabner

Whoever has been diligent wants to be rewarded

The VIENNA DESIGN WEEK Pilgrim’s Pass was created last year for enthusiastic festival visitors to record how many stations their passion for design had taken them to. The reward for all that work? A pass full of colourful stamps, a Pilgrim’s Pin à la VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, and in the best-case … more
"...bitt' schön, die Herren!"
"...bitt' schön, die Herren!", Zajc/Zündel

Design Encounters

The chairs from all different decades will soon be making their appearance once again, marking the event locations in this year’s festival colour of brilliant yellow. Rudolf Zündel and Wolfgang Zajc have not only staged the signage photographically, as they have in the past years, but this year … more