Vienna Design Week Farben
Vienna Design Week Farben, Christof Nardin/ Bueronardin, 2011

Coral and Respberry

Coral-red and respberry-violet are our colors this year! And we want more! Show us your favorite sweater, bikini, shoes, plant, food in this juicy combination of colors! The best, greatest, funniest, prettiest images will be shown on VIENNA DESIGN WEEK on facebook and will be awarded with great … more
Radobot by Talia Radford
Radobot by Talia Radford

Radobot by Talia Radford for taliaYsebastian

A rapid prototyping machine produces the content of a Rado watch as well as some objects refer to the topic "time". "Open source allows us to recreate, rebuild or to re-interpret our products inspired by objects which already exist", Talia Redford specifies her project. Until July 17, the Radobot … more
Embassy Sofia Heuriger on Tour
Embassy Sofia Heuriger on Tour, Corina Binder

Embassy Sofia Heuriger on Tour

Marco Dessi, Bindermayer, Antoinette Bader, Breaded Escalope, dottings, MARCH GUT, Adam Wehsely Swiczinsky, Thomas Feichtner, Mischer’Traxler, Miki Martinek, Julia Landsiedl, Vandasye, Sebastian Zachl, Patrick Rampelotto und Fritz Pernkopf, Herbert Klamminger, Thomas Hasenbichler, Valentin Vodev … more
Embassy Belgrade Heuriger on tour
Embassy Belgrade Heuriger on tour, Corina Binder und Lena Goldsteiner

Embassy Belgrade Heuriger on tour Part 2

In october the Vienna Design Week invites "the world" to Vienna - during the year, it represents Austrian Design around the world! At the moment the Vienna Design Week presents Austrian designers and their entrepreneurs at the place-to-be Mikser festival in Belgrade, on the banks of the danube.
aws design: red dot award 2011 für Skibindungen
aws design: red dot award 2011 für Skibindungen

aws designteam receives the dot design award 2011

Innovation, comfort, design - the skibinding 2011 has to show many talents to exist on the market for amateur skiers and top-athletes alike! The aws designbüro and the ski-producer can be pleased to succeed in the world of sports as well as among design professionals. Congratulations!
Heuriger 1/4 Ernst 3/4 Vergnügen zu Gast at Mikser Festival
Heuriger 1/4 Ernst 3/4 Vergnügen zu Gast at Mikser Festival, Corina Binder und Lena Goldsteiner

VIENNA DESIGN WEEK Embassy 2011 Belgrade

Ausg´steckt is! This year´s VIENNA DESIGN WEEK Embassy features a successful contribution of last year’s festival – “Heuriger on Tour”. It provides you with products from up and coming Austrian designers just as much as with wine and music. This is a contemporary concept and interpretation of the … more
Zitta Schnitt: Rado Polygon-Show
Zitta Schnitt: Rado Polygon-Show

Folding, mirrors and air bubbles

The designers Bast ê Ziaei - Lukas Bast and Mohammad Ali Ziaei, were the 4th finalists to present their project "RADO refold" from mid-April to mid-May. Using mirrors they enlarged the window of the watch store in Vienna's city center at Kärtnerstraße 18. Until June 16 one can still expirience … more
Budapest at WUK, Vienna

The Budapest Design Meetup goes to Vienna

presenters: Szilvia Kauker (ceramic designer) – Tradition revisited, colorful and patterned cement tiles. … Áron Losonczi (architect, inventor) – Litracon Pxl, the transparent concrete. … Péter Pozsár (architect) – Special invitation to the Hello Wood summer festival.

VIENNA DESIGN WEEK auf der Suche nach Osterüberraschungen in Mailand

Gefunden haben wir einiges. Zum Beispiel Mark Braun, der mit der bei den letzjährigen Passionswegen in Zusammenarbeit mit Lobmeyr enstandenen Reichtum Serie gleich an vier verschiedenen Orten in Mailand präsent war. Aber auch viele neue Gesichter und Impulse, die teils schon im kommenden Herbst … more
mischer'traxler - portrait_2010_querformatSmall.jpg
mischer'traxler - portrait_2010_querformatSmall.jpg, 2010, mischer'traxler

mischer´traxler are "designers of the future 2011"