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J. Hornig


Together with J. Hornig, the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK is for the first time introducing a call for ideas on coffee storage. As part of an open design contest, we are looking for innovative solutions, on how the coffee bean, in form of ground coffee or as a whole, can be stored or stashed at home, or on … more
VIENNA DESIGN WEEK/Kollektiv Fischkas/Philipp Podesser

Call for Projects departure Challenge: Urban Food & Design 2019

Together with the Vienna Business Agency, VIENNA DESIGN WEEK invites project submissions for departure Challenge on the subject of "Urban Food and Design: Consumption". The deadline is on June 23th 2019. More information can be found at "Open Calls".

Abort oder Unort?

Paneldiskussion zu Design, Gender und Gesellschaft am Klo in Kooperation mit dem RRRIOT Festival

Guest Country

Through each year´s changing focus, the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK provides a detailed look at the design creations of a different European country. This year´s guest: Finland. Sensational Finish design will be part of all festival formats this fall. On that note: Welcome to Finland! Finland, welcome to … more
The ABC's of Polish Design, Bolasławiec

Guest Country Poland

The guest country of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2018 is Poland, a country with an extremely active design scene, celebrating its 100th anniversary of the restoration of state independence this year. In addition to young Polish design across all festival formats, the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK with the support … more
IN Residence Design Dialogue


We are pround to announce the workshop "INTRA-TEMPORALITY" of our program partner "IN Residence". As protagonists, in the role of the tutors are Julien Carretero and the duo Giorgia Zanellato and Daniele Bortotto. During four days of intense and continuous interaction with each other, with the … more
Stadtarbeitprojekt 2017: ecòl - 'Drawing Public Space', Maria Noisternig/Kollektiv Fischka

Stadtarbeit / CityWork

The format Stadtarbeit was developed within VIENNA DESIGN WEEK and offers designers the chance during the festival to take part in a project dealing with social design. Through the intensive conceptual exchange and support of our long-term general partner Erste Bank, it was possible to sharpen the … more
Vanessa Lindenau

Festival Headquarters + Focus district

A special highlight of the Festival is always experienced in the Festival Headquarters. The gate to the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK this year will be the Sophienspital on Apollogasse. With the focus district around it, 1070 Neubau, design is playing so to speak a home match. But the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK still … more

Festival Campaign 2018

Formations of mobile circle particles in intense Mars orange give a face to this year’s visual image of the Vienna Design Week. With orange – a colour used in demonstrations as a distinctive identifying mark – Bueronardin opted for a striking signal colour as basis for the entire communication … more