Patrycja Domanska & Gexi Tostmann
Patrycja Domanska & Gexi Tostmann, Rüdiger Andorfer

Passionswege Project 2011: 2 from 9

As a result of the Passionwege dialogue, within a short fixed period of time emerge works, installations, and sometimes products that are shaped by the experimental nature of the format. Today we introduce the young Vienna based designer Patrycja Domanska at the traditional Austrian Dirndl company Tostmann!

Patrycja Domanska is an all-round talent who gained experience in various fields of design, from product and graphic design to jewellery. After getting her university degree in Industrial Design in 2009, she founded her own design studio and was also one of the Rado Young Design Prize finalists in 2011.

More than 60 years ago, the married couple Marlen and Jochen Tostmann founded the Tostmann Trachten Company in Seewalchen, Austria. Down to the present day, all Tostmann Dirndls are made exclusively in the company's own workshops in Austria.