Rumkugelbahn by mischer'traxler
Rumkugelbahn by mischer'traxler, mischer'traxler

Praise of Vienna

Very much on purpose had we decided to set the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK at the same period as the designblok in Prag. Go for a design density in Middle Europe was the goal, which we certainly achieved. With the only downside to it, that it was and still is simply impossible for any of us to visit the other's festival ever. To our joy Krehky Gallery is now dedicating their third exhibition to beloved installations like the "Rumkugelbahn by mischer'traxler, or the wonderful ensemble of Olgoj Chorchoj "Back to your Childhood", first time presented on this years VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, just like the product series "Vindobona" by Claesson Koivisto Rune (for Lobmeyr and Vienna Silver Manufactur) or the all time favorite "City Shades" by Maxim Velcovsky and many more. (on display until 18.2.2011) more on