Die dritte Installation im Rado Store von Hermann Trebsche
Die dritte Installation im Rado Store von Hermann Trebsche, Rado

Unlimited Spirit

Wafts of mist veil the minimalistic blackbox of the Rado store, the undefined und uncontrollable form stands in clear contrast to the precision of a clockwork. Certainly not be accident, of one knows other experimental work of Hermann Trebsche, which wuite often deals with the confrontation of seemingly diffuse matter with precise technology. That the minimal designed showroom of Rado actually becomes more visible and is actively perceived by the pedestrians is an interesting phneomenon, also this fact is party due to the fact, that some people ant to make sure, that the store is not on fire... One can see the installation only at 12.00/14.00/16.00 und 18.00. More work of Hermann Trebsche www.hermanntrebsche.com