VIENNA DESIGN WEEK Debut + James Dyson Award

The VIENNA DESIGN WEEK Debut, established in 2009, is a cooperative project with the James Dyson Award and the James Dyson Foundation. The format has been developed as a platform for advanced university students and young professionals from the areas of product and industrial design. Ten of the applicants from Austria for the international James Dyson Award will be selected by an independent jury to exhibit their work within the framework of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK. This will take place again this year at a very special venue: this time at a former bank, redesigned and adapted by the design team Vandasye, in Marinelligasse 3 in the second district.

James Dyson: "We want creative, courageous and unconditioned fresh-thinkers. We don't stick people behind a desk. We like to give people a chance to make a difference."

Vienna Design Week is proud to share basic principles within this successful cooperation which reaches out to all design schools across Austria and gives an appropriate platform to a new generation.

The James Dyson Award (JDA) will be given to a single participant or a team whose work will perfectly prove the ability to think differently and to design a problem solving product. The James Dyson Award winner will receive the amount of 10.000 Pound Sterling or the according amount in his/hers local currency. The same amount will be awarded to the winner's university faculty. The James Dyson Award winners will be announced on November 8, 2011. The competition will be held in 18 countries across the world, including Austria.

A separate jury of experts from all over Austria as well as members of "Neigungsgruppe Design" will independently select this year's Vienna Design Week Debut entries.

As the Vienna Design Week Debut is part of the cooperation with James Dyson Foundation and James Dyson Award, a formal and complete submission sent until August 2, 2011 (latest date) is a stringent condition. The terms and conditions of the James Dyson Award apply.

10 submissions will be selected for the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK and presented in a curated exhibition located in a former bank building from September 29. – October 10. at Vienna's 2. District, Rueppgasse 24.