The festival is getting closer and we are gradually presenting this year's program content in our newsletter and our social media channels. Follow us! As usual, you can find the full program on our website and in the VDW23 app at the beginning of September.

We are pleased that our festival headquarters have found a place in a hotel on the Prater – for the first time in former hotel rooms. The gates to the festival headquarters were opened by the Caritas Vienna and Kreative Räume Wien.

In addition to the local and content-related aspects of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, its graphic appearance is a strongly formative factor for the respective festival edition. That's why we would like to take this opportunity to thank Bueronardin, the team around Art Director Christof Nardin, for the new festival campaign!

Speaking of looks: After many years of good cooperation with the collective Fischka (many thanks dear Kramar, that you and your team have illustrated many beautiful memories of the last few years), we can introduce Inés Bacher from this year. This year she will accompany the festival photographically, also as part of a collective. Also new: The education team, consisting of Rosalie Lorenz, Mariyam Malik, Miriam Raggam-Alji, will guide you through the festival headquarters and the focus district this year. Welcome to the team!

At this point we would also like to mention the long-standing and new partners who not only co-finance the festival but also develop it together with the curatorial team: Vienna Business Agency, Vienna Chamber of Commerce, Vienna Tourist Board, OekoBusiness Vienna, Erste Bank Sponsoring Program, RADO and IKEA.
Thank you for the trust and the good cooperation!


In the words of the popular song, “I go every day to the Prater! And I go every day …” to the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK. For many, the promise of the festival begins with a visit to its headquarters. So it is not without reason that the annually changing venue is regard-ed as the geographical centerpiece of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, as the meeting point for all visitors, as a gateway to the world of design. This year, the Festival Headquarters are located for the first time in a former hotel. An infopoint, pop-up café, and space for a colorful kaleidoscope of contributions and program items – these and much more will be found when the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK throws open the doors of the temporarily-used object on the edge of the historic and (not just by Krixi, Kraxi und die Kroxn, who per-formed the above-mentioned song) much serenaded Wurstelprater. What could be better than to say it in the words of the showmen and showwomen of the Prater and the festival exhibitors? Roll up, roll up! Entrance is free!

Festival Headquarters in the Prater
2., Laufbergergasse 12

Ines Bacher

is a photographer, TV fuzzy, social and cultural anthropologist. She has done magazine programs for television, worked as a photographer for one of Austria's largest cultural festivals and traveled the country on the campaign bus. She conceived and designed a print magazine, exhibited her photos in an art context and showed children how to paint with photochemistry. Always in the team. This year she supports the Vienna Design Week with 5 other image producers.

Can you learn good taste? Perhaps. Quite apart from that, however, a central concern of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK is to give young people in particular the opportunity to develop an independent awareness of design. As part of the festival, this happens through playful contact with a wide variety of design approaches and the exchange with peers as well as with adult experts and trained mediators.

An important format for this are once again the popular school tours of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, for which there will again be grants from the OeAD. Teachers can now book online via our booking system
book appointments. This is how starting school is really fun!


OPEN CALL for alumni of the University of Applied Arts Vienna: Apply until August 21, 2023 with your work for the pop-up shop (September 28-30, 2023) in the AIL in the Otto Wagner-Postsparkasse. A project by ARTist - Alumni Association of the University of Applied Arts Vienna and AI as part of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK. 100% of the proceeds remain with the designers. More on this...