VIENNA DESIGN WEEK Publication and Kickstarter campaign 29 April – 30 May

For the festival’s tenth anniversary the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK is bringing out a publication describing and evaluating strategies for activating the city and the creative industries; it also reviews its best projects and initiatives, and presents an in-depth survey of the formats it has initiated and implemented. The book “Stadtarbeit – Ten Years of Design Featuring the City”, besides containing the selective review of ten years of the festival, is first and foremost a design book. The aim is not least to trace with zest and vivid illustration the diverse developments in design during these years and place them in the context of the contemporary design discourse.

In order to support the realization of our publication, the first Kickstarter campaign of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK “kicks off” on 29 April. The book “Stadtarbeit – Ten Years of Design Featuring the City“ can be bought at a reduced price from Kickstarter. The Kickstarter campaign runs till 30 May.

“Stadtarbeit – Ten Years of Design Featuring the City”
WITH TEXTS BY: Alice Rawsthorn, Chris Dercon, Deyan Sudjic, Amelie Klein, Christopher Wurmdobler, Doris Rothauer et al.
PRODUCED AND EDITED BY: Lilli Hollein, Tina Thiel
PUBLISHERS: Umstaetter Publishing
DESIGN: Alexander Kada/Kadadesign
BILINGUAL: German/English
SIZE: around 400 pages
HARDCOVER: linen binding
PRICE: provisionally EUR 59.- (incl. VAT), at Kickstarter the publication will be available for a pre-sale price of EUR 50.-.