kollektiv fischka/fischka.com, Birgit Grabner

Whoever has been diligent wants to be rewarded

The VIENNA DESIGN WEEK Pilgrim’s Pass was created last year for enthusiastic festival visitors to record how many stations their passion for design had taken them to. The reward for all that work? A pass full of colourful stamps, a Pilgrim’s Pin à la VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, and in the best-case scenario, a prize to boot! The prize has been donated this year by Lorenzi feinste Stahlwaren & Schleiferei – seit 1835: a beautiful hand-crafted Swiss army knife with a leather sheath. It would also go well with any dirndl!

The Pilgrim’s Pass can be found in the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK Festival Guide, which will be available in Vienna in the coming days, and will also be available at the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK Meeting Point in the KUNSTHALLE project space karlsplatz. Read more in the Festival Guide about where you can get the stamps, how to get a Pilgrim’s Pin, and how your labours on foot can bring you to the main prize.

Just to let you know now, you will be able to get a stamp at every event location mentioned in the news on this website.