A.E.Köchert Juweliere
A.E.Köchert, A.E.Köchert Juweliere

A.E.Köchert Juweliere

Five years after it had been established as a goldsmith workshop in Vienna by Emanuel Pioté in 1814, Jakob Heinrich Köchert entered the firm and laid the foundation for the Köchert jewellery dynasty in the city. Well-known artists have been crossing the threshold of the shop in the Neuer Markt ever since in order to create unmistakeable jewellery in a fruitful collaboration with the experienced masters of gold work from the firm’s own studio.
Thanks to this world-renowned art, the imperial court jeweller Emanuel Köchert was appointed in his day as court jeweller while later, in the time when the House Köchert was an imperial and royal court jeweller, it enjoyed international prestige for, among other things, the famous stars belonging to the Empress Elisabeth, which were of course produced in the Köchert workshops.
Today it is Christoph, Wolfgang, and Florian Köchert who carry on the tradition of the house with perfect form and style. And now, as in the past, A. E. Köchert stands for consummate craftsmanship, the finest of materials, and a design that is a unique blend of classic and modern.

A.E.Köchert Juweliere
Neuer Markt 15

1010 Wien