Architekturkollektiv AKT

Architectural Collective

The aim of the seventeen-member architectural collective AKT is to encourage the
autonomous and utopian production of space. The increasing tendency to shape our
surroundings in line with economic parameters should be challenged and undermined by the
building of concrete spaces that embody alternative models.
AKT is Fabian Antosch, Gerhard Flora, Max Hebel, Adrian Judt, Julia Klaus, Lena Kohlmayr,
Philipp Krummel, Gudrun Landl, Lukas Lederer, Susanne Mariacher, Christian Mörtl, Philipp
Oberthaler, Charlie Rauchs, Helene Schauer, Kathrin Schelling, Philipp Stern, and Harald

Architekturkollektiv AKT
Singerstraße 4/15

1010 Vienna