AREDIS Ingenieurbüro für Innenarchitektur + Showroom
AREDIS Ingenieurbüro für Innenarchitektur + Showroom, AREDIS Ingenieurbüro für Innenarchitektur + Showroom


Located on Rudolfsplatz in the centre of Vienna, AREDIS offers Italian flair for home living combined with Viennese charm. In the historical vaults the company creates harmonious concepts for furniture and interior design; an advisory team is at hand with more than 20 years’ experience in interior architecture and design in combination with architecture. Awaiting AREDIS customers is a showroom space of 390 m² with high-quality furniture design created by Italian architects and designers working for DADA CUCINE, FLEXFORM, LEMA and so forth. Our technical office for interior architecture is on the first floor, where we develop interior concepts for private apartments, offices, hotels, etc.

Rudolfsplatz 1

1010 Wien