Bakalowits Licht Design GmbH

Bakalowits is one of the leading producers of custom lighting fixtures in the world. Design has been an important part of the company's history ever since it was founded in 1845. Even back then, artists such as Josef Hoffmann and Koloman Moser found a suitable patron in Bakalowits to turn their visions into reality. As it has done many times in the company's 176-year history, Bakalowits is once again involving a new generation of creatives to help shape the future. The resulting designs, for the umpteenth time, combine the most innovative technologies and designs with the craftsmanship of the past.

Today Bakalowits is still a family business run by Prof. Friedl Bakalowits with his wife Aglaja Bakalowits in the 5th generation. Both lead with a lot of devotion and heart blood to guarantee the constant quality, the craftsmanship and the familiar contact to the customers. Through new ideas and perspectives, this special craft will be preserved for many years to come.