2012, Bertille & Mathieu

Bertille & Mathieu

Half French, half Swiss our duo has been formed at the end of our studies at ECAL in Lausanne, Switzerland, where we are based now.
Our work is driven by a wish of objects that connect to a long-lasting philosophy, objects which age, but age well, and which are coherent with their environment. Optimistically our aim is to create products that encourage taking time appreciating the use as much as the result. For us, the designer’s work is about maintaining and renewing our gestural and material heritage. We are convinced of the importance the man‘s hand plays in design perceptions and decisions. The hand of the user, the craftsman as well as the industrial worker. We assume with honesty that trace left by the hand‘s passage, sign of a "human being" production.

Bertille & Mathieu
Ruelle du Lapin Vert, 2

1005 Lausanne