Bildrecht | Bildraum 01

The exhibition spaces Bildraum 01, Bildraum 07, and Bildraum Bodensee offer artists a platform for high-quality contemporary art. Temporary exhibitions, cooperative projects with national and international cultural facilities, and design and film festivals guarantee a multifaceted program of events. The crossover approach integrating different media aims to bring together artists, public, experts and gallery and museum representatives. Bildrecht represents artists in copyright matters. It is committed to the fair treatment of intellectual property, it supports vision and the creative spirit with sponsoring programs and directs the public focus onto the significance of art as a key medium of (inter-)cultural exchange.

Bildrecht GmbH | Gesellschaft zur Wahrnehmung visueller Rechte
Burggasse 7–9/6
1070 Wien
T +43 1 815 26 91-31
Mirjam Angerer-Geier

Bildrecht | Bildraum 01
Strauchgasse 2

1010 Wien Wien