Bildrecht | Bildraum 01

As a copyright protection organization in the area of the fine arts, Bildrecht increases awareness of cultural issues and supports the livelihoods of around 6,000 artists by helping them to exercise their rights and assert their claims to remuneration as well as through its funding and exhibition activities. With its exhibition spaces Bildraum 01 and Bildraum 07 in Vienna, Bildraum Bodensee in Bregenz and its artist-in-residence program in the Bildraum Studio in the Brotfabrik Wien, Bildrecht makes an active contribution to the public presence of contemporary artistic production. Multi-genre exhibitions and programs of cooperation with Austrian and international cultural institutions, galleries, and dance, architecture, and design festivals ensure the diversity of its cultural program.

Every year, Bildrecht awards three art prizes: The Dagmar Chobot Sculpture Prize, which is explicitly dedicated to the medium of sculpture, the viennacontemporary | Bildrecht SOLO Award, and the PARALLEL VIENNA | Bildrecht YOUNG ARTIST Award.

Bildrecht – Gesellschaft zur Wahrnehmung visueller Rechte
Burggasse 7–9/6
1070 Wien

Bildrecht | Bildraum 01
Strauchgasse 2

1010 Wien Wien