büromacht Projektbüro vdw
büromacht Projektbüro vdw, 2012, büromacht



Inga J. Weihe and Paul Beaury, designers from Cologne, started the collective ‘büromacht’ in Berlin in 2005. For the moment primarily involved with perceiving and comprehending, ‘büromacht’ creates spaces of opportunity with vision. It conveys social issues by means of design, which makes them visible. At the same time, the designers are also aware of the intangible effect of design, which is capable of changing perception and patterns of behaviour. With ‘mmm’ – short for ‘man, manufacturing, and material’ – ‘büromacht’ creates process constellations for companies and establishments. For the preparation of the ‘mmm’ for ‘hke’ at the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, ‘büromacht’ has moved into the ‘koelnerbox’ – the ‘Cologne box’ – a converted container on grounds belonging the social organization JACK IN THE BOX, located in Cologne Ehrenfeld (www.koelnerbox.de).