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Rhomberg Christopher - Christopher_Rhomberg-Profilbild_S.jpg, © 2013, Christopher Rhomberg

Christopher Rhomberg

Christopher Rhomberg is a designer and works with the seemingly nondescript. The works mainly involve primitive materials that interest him, materials that are usually concealed or used for building, like a single, actually unimportant element deprived of its mechanical purpose. He transforms drainpipes, PU foam, reinforcement steel and nails, too, into objects of an utterly contradictory character. Tables sometimes seem heavy and rigid and are yet as light as a feather, other times they seem as delicate and fragile as a line drawing, but can be moved only with the greatest effort. Since none of his objects is like another, UNIKATESSEN is the ideal venue for Christopher’s “Verrückungen” –“Dislocations”.
Rhomberg created installations for Ars Electronica, IMM Cologne, Design Zone Looshaus, and more.